About deprecation warning since rails 5 still in 7

So I was doing some research in this specific deprecation: “Using a dynamic :controller segment in a route is deprecated and will be remove in Rails …” (same for :action)

This deprecation was first added in Rails 5.0 Deprecate :controller and :action path parameters by pixeltrix · Pull Request #23980 · rails/rails · GitHub But after each release the deprecation keeps getting pushed to the next version Bump removal of `/:controller/:action` to Rails 5.2 · rails/rails@b852ec1 · GitHub.

At the point that we are almost at Rails 7.1 and the deprecation is still there rails/route_set.rb at main · rails/rails · GitHub and I think it will still be there for the 7.1 release (I was about to make a PR updating it to say 7.2).

So my question is not about fixing this deprecation, but I’m more curious about why it’s never actually removed after all these years.

Just to clarify, this is just for my curiosity and I want to write a blog post about it since I think it could be an interesting story behind it.