A script to remove comments from specific users, a.k.a spammers


Lately LH has been experiencing a lot of spam comments. These are
usually generated from specific users. Ryan Bigg was nice enough to
write a script using mechanize to delete comments from specific users.
I use it sometimes to delete the spam and in case I can't get to it,
please do use it to get rid of the spam comments.

The script --> https://gist.github.com/53f8a67c0a8854b45a2c

Also I had opened a ticket (now closed) on LH regarding the spam.
Maybe they need more pestering to add more protection! :smiley: The ticket
here --> http://help.lighthouseapp.com/discussions/problems/1791-spammers-taking-over

P.S It goes without saying that you need to be careful with the user
id's otherwise legitimate comments might get deleted! :slight_smile: And also you
need the authorization on Rails LH to delete comments for this script
to work. :wink:

Rohit Arondekar