A new navigation gem

Hello, I working on Rails extention gem. The gem named `semantic_navigation` and trying to make implementation of navigation for Rails application as easy as possible. There are a lot of possibilities to customize right now and will be more in future. I really would be happy to hear something about my gem. No matter good or bad I really need feed back. You can make it in issues in github or just write here. Thank you.

Feedback: provide a link to your new gem and enough explanation of what it does to make people want to click that link :slight_smile:

Hassan, I think Sergey simply overlooked that part :slight_smile: Here it is with very minimal copy/pasting into a search engine:


I haven’t check it yet, but +1 for having what looks to be a decent spec coverage.

I would advise for you to look into Cucumber and describe your functionality as features, then it would be a lot easier for people to give you feedback (once we know what exactly your gem is supposed to do, and how it should behave under various circumstances).

RSpec is great, but is is got too small a scope to grasp the behavior of the system (the gem in this case). Great resource is

The Cucumber Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers

(I have no affiliation with that)

Yes, I'm sure I could have found the URL by searching, but my point was that a gem announcement should also *explain the problem* that the gem addresses: give me a reason to use it.

A vague reference to "semantic navigation" doesn't grab me :slight_smile:

Fully understood, but in this case I felt really strongly that it was an honest overlook :slight_smile:

The lack of key (URL) information simply didn’t turn me off this one.