A layout generator that uses Mollio CSS/HTML templates

I have created a Rails generator called "layout_mollio". It places a
copy of the Mollio CSS/HTML templates (http://mollio.org) in your
Rails app, and creates the layout and partials (if necessary) for
the controller you specify.

The reason I created it is that I found myself making use of Mollio
all the time to give my newly created Rails app an instantly good
look from the start. Mollio is well-designed and offers six types
of layouts. As I don't want to repeat myself, a generator seems the
way to go.

To install layout_mollio generator, you can either install it using

    gem install layout_mollio_generator

Or go to its home page at RubyForge:


Once you've set, generate the layout for your controler, for example:

    script/generate layout_mollio Expense type-d sidebar

This creates and places expense.rhtml in your app/views/layouts , and
a _sidebar.rhtml (the partial needed for the "sidebar" component for
Mollio's type-d layout) in app/views/expense/

For available layout types, you can refer to http://www.mollio.org .
Hope this generator will be useful for you as it is for me. :slight_smile:


Very cool! Thank you for the contribution and hard work lukhnos!