90 Seconds seeks Ruby on Rails Developer

90 Seconds seeks Ruby on Rails Developer

[the following was cross-posted to various mailing lists in New Zealand and the United Kingdom - sorry if you got it more than once]

90 Seconds is a video production company which started in New Zealand, and has since expanded to Australia and the United Kingdom. You can view who we are and what we do at http://90seconds.tv

90 Seconds have developed a customer and content management platform, “Video as a Service”, internally known as “The VaaS”, to manage various aspects of the business, including contact management, customer interaction, and contractor workload.

The business continues to expand rapidly, and new features in the platform are required at a faster pace. We are thus looking for another developer in New Zealand or the United Kingdom to join the team to help increase the rate new features are completed.

The platform uses the following tools/libraries, which you must be familiar with:

  • Ruby on Rails framework (Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 3.0.10)
  • PostgreSQL Database (9.0.x) (raw SQL used in several places)
  • RSpec Testing Framework
  • Git and Github
    The following experience is also wanted, but not required:
  • Familiarity with Xero and the Xero API
  • Basic SysOps abilities (restarting frozen app servers - rarely need to though)
    We have very little delay in pushing new features to the production site (usually within an hour after a feature is completed). Therefore, we want to keep the application as stable as possible, so all work will be done in feature branches, and peer reviewed by our lead developer before landing in the master branch and being deployed.

Because the application scope changes often, sometimes midway through development of a feature, Test Driven Development isn’t required. All we’re looking for is at least a test for each working case to ensure we don’t break it in some later change. If a bug pops up, write a failing test, then fix.

Pay will be determined based on applicant’s skill and the length of their contract (full time, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month contract). These details will be determined with you once we’ve assessed if you’re the person we want to come on board.

Interested or need more details? Please email kieran@90seconds.tv and title the email “90 Seconds Developer Position” or something similar.


Kieran Pilkington

Lead Developer - 90 Seconds

Hello Sir,

I am Indian Ruby On Rails Developer.Can i apply for this job?


Vishal Singh

Ruby On Rails Developer

Hey everyone,

Quick update to the original posting.

I forgot to mention this position is a remote one, so you work at home or your local cafe. No travel times, no travel costs.

Communication throughout the day is done via Skype and Emails.

Also, our hours aren’t a strict 9am-5pm. If you’d prefer 11am-7pm, that’ll work fine.



Hey Vishal,

Yes, all applications welcome. Please follow the instructions in the email if you want to send in your details.





i am a chinese, i just want to learn chinese, can you accept remotely ? i do not care salary!

can i apply this job?