3rd Party Adapter Testing & 1.8.6p399 Bugs For 2-3-stable

3rd Party Adapter Testing

It would be really great if we did not have to topic branch path the a rails checkout to run our adapter tests. Basically there are two things wrong in schema.rb that are stopping us cold. It makes it that much harder for those contributing to the SQL Server Adapter to run the test suite. Giving that most people using the adapter are new to testing :confused: I doubt there will be a large surge of community +1 comments to rally around getting this done, but it would mean a lot to me personally :slight_smile:


1.8.6p399 Bugs For 2-3-stable

I noticed that 4 tests were failing in 2-3-stable under 1.8.6p399 last month. Given that 2.3.9 is in the works and that this rails version is the last stronghold for 1.8.6 users, it would be great if this was addressed.