240.chr different on Linux than Windows?

I’m sending a string through a socket connection from a rails app to another application. The string is delimited with 240.chr. On windows it runs fine, on Linux, it seems to put in a different looking character in for 240.chr. Is this some sort of encoding issue? Is there something simple I am overlooking? Thanks, RVic.

delim = 240.chr
if userSelected.blank?
  userSelected = userSending

If you’re using 240.chr as a delimiter, what difference does it make what the Glyph looks like? The other side should just split on 240.chr.

I would think so, but the other side is a java socket listener app, and it isn’t splitting on it in Linux, but is on Windows.

You need to be looking at the binary data stream to see what is being sent/received. Don’t look at the glyphs at all.

Yes, you;re right -- I need to open up the receiving end and see what it's
drinking in. Thanks!