#2042 "Simplified render breaks with nested models (partials)" in rails 2.3 or 3.0?


I'm not sure wether this ticket will make in into the 2.3 branch (I think it's only fixed in edge rails 3.0); https://rails.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8994/tickets/2042-simplified-render-breaks-with-nested-models-partials

I'm currently struggling with the same issues on an 2.3.5 application and it would be great to have it working under the 2.3 branch as well.

If it's not going to make it, I'll write a patch file myself.

To make a long question short; is there an easy way in github to see on what branch a specific commit was made?


On github you probably can’t. But in git:

git branch --contains ea8488caef

The reason github can’t show you which branch this commit is on is because commits themselves don’t know about the concept of branches. They only have a pointer to their parent commit(s). In order to look up which branches contain a commit, git must start traversing all branches from their tip upwards and match the SHA.

Ok great tip!

It seems that this commit is in the 2-3 and master branch. Great!