2 social events around Paris on Rails.

[If you come to Paris on Rails on monday, this announce may
interest you.]


* Ruby France user group [1] will organize a Rails Party - as a
before_filter to Paris on Rails conference [2], sunday, november
the 30th, from 4pm to 10pm, at Dune Café (18, avenue Claude
Vellefaux, 75010 Paris). There will be workshops on Rails
topics 20 or 40 minutes each, and hackfest in the afternoon,
a serie of lightning talks in the evening. Any Railers
from beginners to experts are welcomed.

All the details of this event are on this page :


You can register here :


* There will be a second social event as after_filter
to Paris on Rails, called "Apero Ruby" in the evening
of monday, december 1st. More info to come in our
website : http://www.rubyfrance.org

So these 2 Rails meetups will be - we hope - a good
opportunity to meet a lot of Railers and have informal

See you soon maybe !

   -- Jean-François.

[1] Paris on Rails. http://paris.onrails.info
[2] Ruby France. http://www.rubyfrance.org

Hi Jean-François

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