2 Newb Questions

I might be completely misunderstanding, but I believe he’s asking how to use the value from hidden fields that were posted to the current page… as in:

<%= form_remote_tag :url => {:action => ‘newlist’, :store => params[:hiddenstore],

:today => params[:hiddendate]}, :update => ‘mainfrm’, :complete => visual_effect(:bind_down, ‘mainfrm’), :before => %(Element.show(‘spinner’)), :success => %( Element.hide(‘spinner’)) %>

So what you’re talking about is changing the place that the form submits whenever the hidden date field is changed?

If I’m reading that correctly, then all you should really need to do is change your JS to be a function that does both what you are currently doing (set the hiddendate value) and ALSO updates that form to change where it is being submitted to… you could conceivably use observer_field here (it’s a Rails thing that allows you to make an ajax call if a field is updated) to observe the hiddendate field and then use AJAX to change the form’s submit url, but you’d be probably better off having your JS update both the hiddendate value, and the submit string for the form… this means you have to hardcode in that form’s submit, OR use some further JS to take whatever is generated by Rails and just modify the part of the string that contains the date=blah part.