1.2.3 Upgrade from 1.1.6 dependencies issues.

Is there a tutorial or good example of what to look for for
dependencies issues in a Rails application. I am working with a large
Rails application that is in the process of being ported to 1.2.3 and
could use ideas. I have added

require 'exception_notifier_helper'
require 'exception_notifier'
require 'active_support'
require 'active_record'
require 'action_mailer'
require 'action_pack'
require 'login_engine'
require 'datebox_engine'

to environment.rb on startup?

Will I need to add references to all my Models/Controllers into the
applications since Auto-loading is fixed/broken???


We've fixed a bug that allowed libraries from Ruby's standard library
to be auto-loaded on reference. Before, if you merely reference the
Pathname constant, we'd autoload pathname.rb. No more, you'll need to
manually require 'pathname' now.

We've also improved the handling of module loading, which means that a
reference for Accounting::Subscription will look for app/models/
accounting/subscription.rb. At the same time, that means that merely
referencing Subscription will not look for subscription.rb in any
subdir of app/models. Only app/models/subscription.rb will be tried.
If you for some reason depended on this, you can still get it back by
adding app/models/accounting to config.load_paths in config/

For starters, although Engines is supported under 1.2.3, Login_engine is not. Im having to go through the process right now but the issues im having are related to the way it was originally coded (as some of the people from LSRC could probably attest to).

Only advice I can give is put this in the init section in the environment.rb file.

config.after_initialize do

= true