08 DEC date error ? :)

look at this, in my xxx.lib I do:

  EVENT_DEADLINE = Date.new(2007,12,8)   VIPC_DEADLINE = Date.new(2007,11,01)   WHO_DEADLINE = Date.new(2007,10,24)   VIPC_DEADLINE_TIME = Time.local(2007,11,01,23,59,59)

and everything works..

I can also write

EVENT_DEADLINE = Date.new(2007,12,07) or EVENT_DEADLINE = Date.new(2007,12,09)

but when I try

EVENT_DEADLINE = Date.new(2007,12,08)

Rails raises a Status: 500!! :open_mouth:

I wouldn't expect 08 or 09 to work: a leading 0 denotes an octal number, and 08 isn't a legal octal number


tried the same in irb.

Date.new(2007,12,01) till Date.new(2007,12,07) work fine, returns a date object.

But Date.new(2007,12,08) & Date.new(2007,12,09) raises an exception 'Illegal octal digit' - they are 08 & 09 i suppose.

Date.new(2007,12,8) & Date.new(2007,12,9) solves the problem.